Refunds & Tier Status


  • If a customer's order is Refunded, any points earned from the purchase will be removed from that customer's account.
  • When a customer makes a purchase for a sum that isn't a round number (whole dollars only), their point balance will be rounded down to a whole number. The same applies for refunds.
  • If a customer earned points on a purchase and then that purchase is partially refunded, their points are reversed. They then earn points only for the remaining amount.
  • For example: If a customer earned 100 points for spending $100, and is then partially refunded $75, the number of points earned would get reduced to 25 - the remaining amount paid by the customer.


Tier Status

Tier status will be recalculated upon a refund, meaning the system will look at the number of eligible points a customer has towards their current tier. If the recalculation results in the customer dropping out of the tier attribution (and any relevant rewards earned when entering the tier) will be reversed.

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