How does it work?

Become a member by registering for an account at: Upon signing up for a Membership, individuals will receive an email confirming their Membership with The Chipper. Only one (1) membership with The Chipper is permitted per person, per email address.


What rewards can I receive from The Chipper?

Members are eligible to receive free shipping benefits with their purchases, based on which tier of The Chipper they are in.

  • Member: Free Shipping on Orders $99 and Over (contiguous US)
  • Insider: Free Standard Shipping (Contiguous US)
  • Exclusive: Free Standard Shipping (Contiguous US)
  • VIP: Free Expedited Shipping (Contiguous US)

Additional benefits include but may not be limited to: VIP Tier only Birthday Gift (annually, once per calendar year), occasional Early Access to select product releases, possible sweepstakes and potential special members only promotions or events.


Earning Points

Customers can earn points by performing the below actions:

  • Create an Account: Reward: 5 points
  • Points for Purchase: Reward: earn 1 point per $1 (USD) spent
  • Leave a Review: Reward: 10 points
  • Instagram Follow: 5 points
  • Like on Facebook: 5 points
  • Follow on Spotify: 5 points
  • First Purchase Reward: 20 points
  • First bag or accessories purchase: 20 points
  • First Trainers purchase: 20 points
  • First Runners purchase: 20 points


Tiers are based on numbers of points earned annually, as follows:

  • Member: 0-499 points
  • Insider: 500-999 points
  • Exclusive: 1,000-1,999 points
  • VIP: 2,000+


Earning and retaining tier status

Once a tier is entered, customers will retain the tier for the remainder of the current calendar year and the following year. For example, a customer who entered a calendar year-based tier in November 2018 will retain that tier until Dec 31st, 2019. Only actions from the past calendar year will be counted toward tier eligibility.

Example 1:
A Nobull customer earns 400 points in 2023 making them 100 points shy of entering into the Insider tier. Beginning January 1st, their earning eligibility towards Insider will reset to 0 and the customer will need to earn 100 points in 2024 to enter into Insider.

Example 2:
In 2023, a Nobull customer earns 500 points entering them into the Insider Tier. In 2024, they must earn 1,000 points in order to enter into the Exclusive tier. If they do not earn 1,000 points by December 31st, 2024, for 2025 they will be in a lower tier based on their 2024 points earnings. Ex. If the customer earned 500 points in 2024 they will remain in the Insider tier but if they earned less than 500 points in 2024 they will earn the Member tier for 2025.

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